January 1, 2020

I have been pondering this blog for years, perhaps a decade, so this first post is written with a considerable amount of trepidation, procrastination and a smidgen of nervousness.

I write this on the eve of New Year 2020 and this blog is meant to be as much of a call to action for me as an individual as it is for my readers to share in my success and failures in those endeavours. I intend to discuss my deep and personal thoughts as I try to achieve those set goals but with the added spice of bringing my views on matters ranging from Astronomy right through to my interest in corruption in global politics and even my ongoing quest on being a “good” Fortnite player. This will be a process of growth and learning for me as an individual but I hope it will be a similar journey for my readers as well.

I cannot claim to be an expert or guru in any one matter – but I hope, as you read my posts you will see that I, like 99% of the world, struggle on a daily basis to overcome the challenges life throws at me. I am a fifty-something married with 3 beautiful (young) daughters, I have a hefty mortgage, I live with a chronic condition that leaves me in constant pain and I have 9-5 job that, tbh, has become somewhat of a chore which really grinds me down. I am, ladies and gents, living the cubicle life as depicted in one of my all-time favourite films “Office Space”. If you’ve seen it then you’ll know exactly what I am talking about, if you haven’t then please watch it asap, I promise you’ll not regret it.

So I will chart my progress with my life goals and will post what the outcomes have been, warts and all. This blog is a much like a covenant, I intend to chase my goals and this blog is going to serve as both a chart of my progress and reflections on my success and failures.

My goals? Well, there are a few:

  • I intend to and I have to (according to my Physician) lose 45Ibs of fat weight over the next year
  • In order to achieve the above step I have to attend the gym, more or less, on a daily basis but my chronic pain has been and will be a considerable barrier to overcome
  • In order to improve my career prospects I am learning Software Programming – Java. Somehow I have find an hour or two extra a day to study
  • I intend to be an early riser (between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. daily)
  • I am already quite organised, I have bullet journals and I do do the GTD thing (well partly) – I am, however, a world-renowned procrastinator – yet another challenge to overcome
  • I will chart my ongoing struggles with my chronic back-pain – I have suffered with it for 40 yrs and it causes me depression and a huge life hurdle
  • I am in the process of setting up a passive income stream – I have an idea for an eBay store plus one or two other things in the pipe
  • Being a Muslim I have a deep-rooted belief in my spiritual self – I need to make this part of me stronger
  • I am an avid reader and listener of fiction books – Murder Mysteries, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Self-Help – I will be providing reviews of old and new books

As stated above I’m not an expert yet in any one aspect. I am learning as I’m going, and in addition to continuing my path to the above goals, I have a family for whom I am the sole bread winner to support (and for whom my income barely covers the cost of bills and food). Doing any of the above is a challenge as (most of) it has to be done outside of my work hours (7am set off to work, 7pm return home from the commute). Much of the Blog will revolve around my goals but my friends and family will come into the picture occasionally.

So, please feel free to join in and share my blogs – I truly hope it gives as much to you as I intend for it to give me.


PS: Apologies but please bear with me whilst I add more and more posts to the website – right now it consists of mainly dummy posts which are there to basically hold the space as I slowly but surely build the site.

Speak soon!

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